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LnknGo is a free blogging tool built by and for travellers. Use LnknGo to give life to all of your travel social media posts on Instagram and Facebook

LnknGo allows viewers to recreate trips and excursions by providing detailed travel information. Earn affiliate revenue when your followers book flights and hotels through your posts.

What makes LnknGo different

Travel Information

Add detailed travel options and direct links to book flights from all the major airports and airlines in the market. Share which airports to avoid and how to get to the city centre. Links to view flight prices earn you commission whenever a follower books a flight.

Share Hotel and Accomodation experiences

LnknGo lets you add as much detail as you wish: from a review of hotel or airbnb you stayed at, to details on the type of accommodation available and which parts of the town to avoid. Links to hotels earn you commission whenever a follower books a room.

Tips and Tricks

Add the extra details that turn a weekend away into an the most amazing experience your followers will remember forever. Add links to your favourite restaurant or that moped hire place that was really helpful.


Know exactly how much traffic or sales each Instagram post generated. Go beyond likes - see which destinations generated the most flight and hotel searches.

Make all of your travels profitable today!

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